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Themes questions

Hello, I am new to Mautic, I need help with following questions:

  1. What are the feature of themes in Mautic? What can theme do and not do?

  2. If I am using themes for Forms, is there a way to easily transfer the form to fit your website branding? By copying code and pasting it in your website without making additional updates to the JavaScript code?

Themes are used to make forms, landing pages and emails look nicer.
Thats it.

This is how you customize a form:

I also like this tutorial a lot:

Good luck to you


Thanks Joe, these tutorials a great.

Some follow up questions, for pages, theme is applied to Preference and Landing Pages only, right? For email, if you have different layouts, do you need multiple themes or can you create the one theme that can be applied to multiple layouts?

I took a look at the videos and they are really great. I don’t have enough expertise to make this happen at the moment. Do you know where can I find someone to create themes using a website for CSS reference?

For email themes, it depends on how you want to manage your emails. One option is to have a separate theme for each layout you want to use. An alternative is to build a “master” theme – one email theme with all the different types of sections you need, which might look like this.

You mentioned getting help with themes – I’ve created a tutorial video for how to build Mautic email themes that doesn’t require any coding experience. Hope that helps!

Thank you @chris0928 this was helpful. Although the email theme is possible without coding, I would still need assistance with the forms. Is there a thread/community where someone might help create a form that will work with my current websites CSS and implementation of a new CSS?

Maybe you an post it as commercial opportunity, as someone does this for you.
The other option is, that you learn CSS. The video above gives you a hand in that.

Hi, I am fairly new to Mautic.

I am looking to design my form template with the button directly to the right with zero padding the text box. Image for reference:|422x61

What would that code/css look like?