There is no way to send 5k emails/minute?

Trying to learn how Mautic manage sends and queues and if it could be a solution for sending 350k emails in one hour, I can’t find the answer for these questions in the source code:


  • 1 Mautic (4.0.1) machine (4 cores, 16GB RAM).
  • Dedicated DB. Always under 35% of its capacity (CPU & Memory).
  • Sparkpost Premium account. Dedicated IP.
  • 400k emails to send.


  • Using SMTP & Send Inmediately: 300 emails / minute (aprox).
  • Using API Key and Send Inmediately: 600 emails / minute.
  • Using API Key and email queue: 550 emails / minute.
  • Using 5 concurrent mautic:emails:send with Queue and Sparkpost Api method: 900 emails / minute.

We are far away to archive the 5k/minute goal.


  1. Does Mautic send emails in batches when using the queue method? Sparkpost recommends sending 2k emails per API call, but I think the queue method sends one email once.
  2. Is it safe to run various concurrent mautic:emails:send processes? Could it increase the send speed?
  3. Is there some way to run a few concurrent mautic:broadcasts:send jobs with Send Inmediatelly setting to increase speed?
  4. Is it safe to implement an external process to manage and send all emails serialized from the queue folder? Does Mautic do something when processing these files?

I performed many searches at the source code but could not found a clear answer.

Please can you help me? :wink:

One more thing to consider: you can prepare the emails prior queue send, so you don’t need to ‘create them’ when you are sending.
You can have mautic:broadcast:emails will fill up your queue ahead of the sending time, so your spool is filled up. When the momment comes, you activate mautic:emails:send, which has a lot easier job, just blasting out the prepared emails.

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Thanks @joeyk !

mautic:broadcast:emails is not defined on Mautic 4. Did you mean mautic:broadcasts:send ??

Yes :slight_smile: sorry.

use -b, --batch[=BATCH] . to define how many emails are sent at one. If your hardware can handle it you will see some nice results.

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  1. if you go to Configuration>Email Settings
    you will notice

Message limit for queue processing

which I believe is used for batching

would this only work with segment emails ?

What happens inside a campaign that holds a few hundred thousand contacts ?

It works with anything you can pre-spool.
If you have 100k+ and sending daily transactional emails then you need probably a strong server that manages it.