Tracking email click broken .. lot of error in log

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.4.10
My PHP version is: 7.4
My Database type and version is: MySQL 5.+

Your problem
My problem is: The clicks in emails are no longer being tracked or recorded.

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:
Checked permission on cronjob and all seems to be set properly.

I don’t know what to troubleshoot next.

The tracker is in the email source for sure

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I just checked other department email and it look like ALL emails tracking is no longer work … not just one department but all of it.

We use Amazon SES … Do you think they have something to do with this?

This is a mysql issue. Your user doesn’t have access the to DB.

That would be strange since Mautic shouldn’t be working at all if it couldn’t access the db.

It still working but just not tracking clicks anymore. I went and reviewed all email channels and it look like it stopped tracking about a month ago.

I don’t think the error in log is related to click tracking

Any idea?

Can anyone help me with step on troubleshooting this issue?

I suspect this database error yesterday was due to I was backing up MySQL before doing an upgrade on Mautic.

I went and reviewed the previous email channels and this issue started on August 2nd. So this issue been happening for awhile.

What steps should I start to troubleshoot this?

I went back to review what changes I had made to Mautic since this issue start happening about a month ago and it seems that it start happening about the same time I installed a DOI plugin

Here the plugin I am talking about - GitHub - content-optimizer-gmbh/mautic-doi-plugin: A robust and flexible way to add double-opt-in (DOI) to any form in Mautic

I am wondering if this plugin could be preventing it recording count or not. I have posted on the plugin github to see if there a way to troubleshoot it and hopefully it not the reason because I really like this DOI plugin but the odd of it happening is hard to ignore.

It been working perfectly for last two or so years then suddenly it stop working about a month ago after I installed this plugin so that is hard to ignore.

I have not yet disable this plugin because it would disable lot of our subscription service we have using Mautic and I spent like a week converting it all over to this DOI plugin so I am wanting to see if there a way to determine if this plugin is the cause or not before disabling it and going back to the old method of DOI.

Thank you

Setup a test instance with DOI plugin see the tracking works (it should not if the plugin is the problem). Then disable the plugin and check if the tracking works.

Regards, M.

it may not been the plugins …

It turn out that when it stopped tracking about a month ago, all of links in the email no longer begins with


So something broke somewhere about a month ago when it stopped tracking all together and all links are appearing as it is without the your-mautic-domain/r/… appended by Mautic before it is sent out.

Any idea why Mautic would no longer append tracking URL “your-mautic-domain/r/…” to the URLs in the email?

All emails that was sent out for the past month no longer had tracking URL appended to it and the tracking in configuration setting is still showing it should be tracking links in emails.

The document about link in email tracking

Troubleshooting emails | Mautic.

Email link clicks are not getting tracked
Before an email is sent, Mautic replaces all links in the email with links back to Mautic including a unique key. If the contact clicks on such a link, the contact is redirected to Mautic.

Mautic tracks the click action and redirects the contact to the original location. It’s fast so the contact doesn’t usually notice the additional redirect.

If the email click doesn’t get tracked, make sure that:

Your Mautic server is on a public URL. Tracking doesn’t work on a localhost.
It is on a public server for almost 2 years. Never had this issue until now

Make sure the email was sent to an existing contact via a campaign or a segment email. Emails sent by the Send Example link, direct email (from the contact detail) or form submission preview won’t replace links with trackables.
The email was part of the segment email which are sent daily and our staff would just clone the previous email and update the texts and image in the email content before sending it out to a segment

Make sure the URL in the href attribute is absolute and valid. It should start with http:// or https://.
All URL are valid There been no changes to any of the social icon URLs on the email template and it still stopped tracking those social links as well too.

You’ve opened the link in a incognito browser. More about it in the Campaign troubleshooting.
This is a normal segment email being sent out to thousands of subscribers daily. We doubt our subscribers are now opening it in an incognito browser starting about a month ago LOL

Check if the link in the email has been replaced by Mautic’s tracking link. If not, report it on Github with all the details (Mautic version, PHP version, what the link URL is before sending, what it is after sending and so on).
The link are not being replaced or appended with Mautic tracking link so something broke which happened about a month ago and one of the staff which does our monthly statistic report reached out to me informing me that all link tracking are at Zero’s. It is checked monthly that why it went unnoticed for a month.

It turn out there was a plugin which disables email URL tracking in our Mautic.

We are now investigating how the heck that plugin get in there in the first place. We suspected that somewhere we followed an instruction on setting up DOI plugin and this plugin was also in the instruction but we are not sure how it got in there yet.

Our email URL tracking start working again after removing the plugin.

Issue solved here:

There was the JotaworksEmailTrackingBundle
( GitHub - content-optimizer-gmbh/mautic-email-tracking: Turn off email link tracking depending on lead field value, url in email or email template ) plugin installed which do exactly this: remove the tracking link on lead level.

So nothing to do with our doi plugin.

It was not the DOI plugin but a different plugin that prevent email URL tracking. Once we removed it then Mautic start replacing the URL in emails and our email URL started tracking again.

It was a plugin that was designed to prevent email tracking in the first place so I am puzzle how the heck it got in there around the same time DOI plugin was installed. I think we follow instruction for DOI plugin somewhere and it mentioned something about second plugin in the instruction.

The DOI plugin is still active and we are happy it wasn’t the DOI plugin because we like it and very useful plugin.

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We think we know what happened now.

We wanted the DOI feature after watching YouTube about it so we downloaded all the plugins in the YouTube description thinking we would need it all for DOI.

This is probably where we made the mistake assuming all plugins are required

Link to YouTube description -

If you are wanting DOI on your Mautic, you do not need the other two plugins to make it work …

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