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Email click Tracking not working 3.01

Your software
My PHP version is : 7.2.32
My MySQL/MariaDB version is (delete as applicable): MariaDB version 10.2.32

Your problem
I have installed muatic 3.01 and it working perfectly, we have hosted in public. we are able o send email. i also installed mautic plugin in my word press website.

My problem is :
when i send email with links. the system does not show the click counts. can any one help me where i am wrong. and how to troubleshoot.

Steps I have tried to fix the problem :
Installed tacking code in website.
also installed muatic plugin in the wordpress website.

Who are you sending emails through ?
Mautic should track clicks by itself, however it is also possible to configure the web hook on esp side to send back this information to Mautic

HI, I am sending email to segments. i have coded email. do i need to add tracking code to email html body.
Thanks in advance

Hi @ganesanv - what email service provider are you using to deliver your emails ? Sendgrid/Sparkpost/…

we are using Amazon SES, for delivery

Any help on the above subject


Did any one find a solution for this. Some of my 3.3.3. installations are having this issue where as some with the same version don’t.

Any ideas as to a possible solution or a way to further investigate it?


This feature works properly with M3, so the issue might be somewhere else.
Can you plz check if you didn’t disable click tracking in Config - Email - Disable Trackable URLs should be set as know if you want to enable tracking.


Hi Joey,

Thanks for your reply.
I’ve have tracking settings set correctly.
It’s just weird and I can’t find a the reason why one of my installations is tracking perfectly and an other isn’t.

I’ve tried with a clean MJML theme, an edited MJML theme and sometimes it’s tracking and sometimes it isn’t.

Is there anything else I could research?

Thanks again!


Often what happens is, that you log in as admin to Mautic, and then test clicks in emails. Won’t work.
As admin your clicks are not tracked. You need to open a new browser, where you haven’t logged in before or cleared the cookies.

Thanks Joey,

I really appreciate your taking the time to help out here.
The issue isn’t so much with the tracking of trackable urls. If they are available,

But the issue is more with the fact that some urls are not re-written to this Mautic tracking url.
I think it might have to do with the MJML code. For example if I use a standard theme with some links in it. The links are re-written, but after editing the email template and adding extra url’s in the mail, the re-writing of the url’s disappears and the hyperlinks are not trackable. Except for the url’s that are unchanged in the original theme.

Maybe this gives some extra insight.

Thanks again,


I would update my system in your case.

Thanks again.
To what version would you suggest. Because I am running version 3.3.3.


Oh sorry, I saw above you have 3.0.1. Now I realised it’s not you :slight_smile:
Are you saying the link is the original link you had not overwritten by Mautic?

Hi Joey,

That’s correct. The original link is not overwritten and thus not trackable.
When I use an original MJML template I noticed that although most links are overwritten, in some cases not all the links are overwritten with the Mautic trackable URL.

But so yes, that is the case.

Thanks again for taking the time.


And the ‘not overwritten’ links work? I mean they are functioning links?

Yep, the links work

I’ve double checked that.


Hi Joey,

I have solved the issue of the email links not being replaced by the trackable Mautic links.
It had to do with the MJML template/theme.

For some reason the code at the top of the theme was incorrect.

Although there was nog indication that the code was incorrect it did not correctly process the published email.

Thanks for all your help.


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Hi, is it a built-in theme?
Thx, joey

Hi Joey,
It’s was one of the edited built-in MJML theme.
But it wasn’t specific to any theme.
It had to do with the code. I think that there was something wrong with the (mjml), (head) and (body) tag’s. I may be that the mjml open tag was on the wrong position. (after the head tag)
I’ve replaced the < with ( in this comment because it could be replaced by this forum editor.

(mj-font name=“Ubuntu” href=“,500,600,700”/)
(mj-all font-family=“Ubuntu, Lato,Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif”)
a[x-apple-data-detectors] {
color: inherit !important;
text-decoration: none !important;
font-size: inherit !important;
font-family: inherit !important;
font-weight: inherit !important;
line-height: inherit !important;
(mj-class name=“description”)
(mj-class name=“preheader” color="#000000" font-size=“11px” padding-left=“25px” padding-right=“25px”)
(mj-class name=“button” background-color="#fcc245" color="#000000" font-size=“18px” border-radius=“3px”)
(mj-style inline=“inline”>a { text-decoration: none!important; }
(mj-body background-color="#ffffff")