Tracking isn't working v3.3.2

Your software
My Mautic version is: v3.3.2
My PHP version is: 7.4.12
My Database type and version is: mysqlnd 7.4.12

Your problem
My problem is:

The Tracking on my local Mautic is not working at all and it also doesn’t register when an Email is opened. The tracking script however is correct.

when you say local Mautic, are you refering to your local machine?, is it accessible by people over the internet?
what is the url you are providing in the tracking code? the url that would replace:(http(s)://


    mt('send', 'pageview');

you can also take a look at the pages you are tracking with this code , if there is an error loading mtc.js

For Mautic to do tracking on localhost, you need to set it up in dev mode:


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Misunderstanding guys, sorry my bad.

Local, I mean, self hosted :s

Hi @bunce69,

I’m confused, can you explain? Do you have a related question yourself?