Tracking links send from twitter (new plugin)

Hi everyone.
I have developed a extended plugin to send Direct Messages at twitter. First I follow mentions and my plugin send a Direct Message with one link to my site. It works perfectly and the customer receive the link. If they click do these redirects:
302 server_redirect temporary

They pass throught mautic and I spected they merge the user detected by the social monitoring with the user I have already with their mail. but mautic dont merge both contacts. am i missing something? How can I make merge contacts to have only one user with his twitter and email.

Hi Kiko,

Is the Twitter handle caupture by mautic? if then maybe you should set the Twitter handle under custom fields to be unique?

Yes Mautic capture the Twitter. I will try your solution but I dont feel using twitter as id could help to merge contacts

I tried but make twitter unique id dont merge contactats. I need they merge contacts that have the same cookie one because they clicked one email and other because they clicked a direct mesage in twitter.

Shame, sorry I thought that might work.

I think the contact will not always share the same cookies, for example if they open the link from the twitter app the page opens on a twitter version of a browser so that would generate a new cookie with a different fingerprint as well.

I think I read somewhere that you can pass the email on they link that the click matches that contact, though I can find page where I seen it. Maybe someone else knows what I am talking about and can help?

I’ll edit the post if I find it

Thank you,

I feel something is not working because I feel one user that come form one link must merge if it had already one cookie.

User with cookie:00000
Another user created via social monitoring but never visited the web site @pp

Then I send one direct message to @pp with one link that take the user to mautic. I hoped in this moment Mautic merge both contacts but it dont do that and count the visit to user