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Tracking offline sales (loyalty card for restaurant)

Hi all,
Im wondering if anyone has an idea how we could accomplish the above, or if anyone is doing something similar. We are going to be using mautic for a restaurant but all the transactions happen offline so its hard to track sales and give points without that data. We did think about a loyalty card that could be scanned with a qr code. The idea being that we could reward or send those new and high spending customers different deals and offers based on their shopping habits with us.

Is anyone doing this or similar or have any idas how we could maybe make this work?



I am building loyalty like Mautic plugin, What you are asking can definitely be done. What I think you would need is record or at least process your transaction on the Mautic somehow (Mautic is really powerful with integration with other products).

So esentially what you will need is:

  • Make a transaction offline (in your system, if you are using any - you mentioned QR code). Once your system has that info you forward transaction to Mautic.
  • On the Mautic side (via plugin) you create api endpoint (or use Proper integration class) which accepts transaction info from your system.
  • From here, it depends what you really want/need. You can store all transactions on Mautic side as well for future analysis or you can just calculate points and store it in Mautic.
  • Once you have that you can use Mautic core components (such as Segments) to build list of clients that spend most at your business (and Email them different offers).

If you need further consalting/development let me know.

Have a nice day.

Thanks, from what your suggesting it seems we need the shop/restuarant system to push the transaction to Mautic, which is what I was thinking was missing. Its getting that transaction into mautic. Once a customer has paid, we can scan or take their ID and then need to enter that into the transaction and push it to Mautic.

I was hoping for a way to bypass that, but I will talk to the restaurant and see what system they are using.

Either you will need external app that integrates with Mautic or you will have to extend your Mautic instance in a way that it handles transaction input and then provide a restaurant with that Mautic instance.

If restaurant already uses any system you are better of with the integration, either vai REST api or something else that gets your data into Mautic.

Hi, we have a client, who is using Mautic with Unicenta, an open source POS software.

We have 2 processes:

  1. Tracking
    The shop assistants are asking for the loyality card (or sometimes just email), and record the sale.
    The person (identified by card or other identifier) is recorded in Unicenta (has this feature)
    Every night there is a data upload where the yearly (last 365 days) sales volume is updated from loyality card holders and pushed into Mautic.

  2. Point levels = discounts
    We make a query, where spending during a 365 day period is queried. Based on sending the Loyality level is assigned. If it’s changing, then Mautic is notified, where a campaign starts (Hey, you just reached Gold.)

  3. Warnings
    If we notice, that is 30 days from loosing the discount level, Mautic is notified and a campaign starts (Hey, you are about to loose the discount)

  4. Offline Upsell
    If a purchase is done in the Webshop with Store pickup, we send out another campagn, where we give additional discounts to make a shiopping on spot upon product pickup. This is also handled by Mautic.

  5. Personas
    Each product is assigned to a Category in Unicenta and this is added as a tag in Mautic. We check if someone is purchasing above certain level in a specific category during 1 year, we assign a tag.

For us it was really easy to create this, as Unicenta is open source, and runs on a cetral server of ours so we just needed to access the database to create the login and feed the data into Mautic via API.

Thanks @joeyk that is good to know, I like the different levels of membership too.
I guess the bit im missing is getting the data into Mautic, I need to talk to the restaurant and find out more.


It depends what system they use
The question is not how to get the data into Mautic, but how to get the data OUT from the system.

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