Add point workflow from purchase history

Hi ,I have a use case in Mautic for ecommerce transaction.

eg. I need to add 5 points to customer for every $10 in “LTV” field of the customer.


customer A , LTV $100, so his point total will be 50, if he buy again $40, his point will become 70.

How to best do this in mautic? or if custom solution whats the best approach?



I assume the LTV field is a mautic custom field? How are you increasing the LTV field value with each purchase? I assume the field value is increasing form $100 to $140 with each purchase? Are u manually updating the field or is the field overwritten with the latest sale value?

Hi @robm ,

Currently we are having a separate app that is updating the custom field (LTV) adding the new amount to it through Mautic API. so we are not building the logic/calculation on Mautic to be honest. its like a separate app that job is to transform the raw transaction/purchase data to a customer data (fields) that will be ready to push to mautic.

The LTV field is essentially a scoring field. Set up triggers for threshold LTV amounts. If is LTV = 10, do this. If LTV = 50 do this other thing and so on.

I am not sure Mautic can do formula driven calculations to calculate points.

I had some success integrating Mautic and a google sheet with Integromat. Maybe you could claculate the correct poit score based of the LTV in a google sheet and then use integromat to sync that result back to Mautic?