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with this plugin Twig Templates for Mautic Twig Templates for Mautic – Mautic Extendee
We can call external url ? And if so, do you know how to do this ?
For example, call an URL that return JSON


Twig Templates API support

but how ?

Hi @kixell - We do exactly this. We use a Mautic campaign action to post a webhook to zapier and then call the api via zapier because the mautic campaign action to call a webhook is not compatible with all api endpoints. All you have to do is put the token you’d put in an email into the field values you’re passing to the api.

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Ok, thus I started on pushing by cron (using API) any TwigTemplate with desired data.
It works like a charm

hey not fully, now adding HTML in template property does not work :confused:

@kuzmany any helps ?