Twilio plug-in is missing after migration from v2.16.3 to 3.0.1 on Windows Server

I run Mautic v2.16.3 on Windows Server 2016, IIS, PHP Version 7.2.31, MySQL 5.7.
After the migration to v3.0.1 which goes well without generating error, the plug-in Twilio is missing and can no longer be configured. The Channel “Text Messages” is also missing.

| Mautic version | 2.16.3
| PHP version | 7.2.31
| MySQL Version | 5.7.30
| OS | Windows Server 2016

Steps to reproduce

  1. Configure Mautic v2.16.3 on Windows Server 2016 and IIS
  2. Configure Twilio, Enable the plugin
  3. Upgrade to Mautic v3.0.1
  4. Check the Twilio plugin / config - the plugin is no longer in the list.

Here’s the upgrade_log (looks clean)

[2020-09-13 22:57:44] Doing pre-upgrade checks...
[2020-09-13 22:57:46] One or more warnings occurred during pre-upgrade checks, please run this script with the --ignore-warnings flag to continue: 
- You have 10000 or more contacts in your system. We recommend upgrading by using the CLI (command line) for the best performance and stability.
- We can't work with the database backup mechanism called "mysqldump" on your system. Only continue if you have your own database backup available!
- It looks like you're running Mautic on Windows. The "creating cache" step is very slow on this platform and it might look like it hangs; please be patient in this case.
[2020-09-13 22:57:46] Finished pre-upgrade checks.
[2020-09-13 22:57:46] Starting upgrade...
[2020-09-13 22:57:46] Skipping database backup because we can't find mysqldump on your system...
[2020-09-13 22:57:46] Getting the amount of available Mautic 2 database migrations... This might take a while!
[2020-09-13 22:57:46] No available database migrations found. On to the next step...
[2020-09-13 22:57:46] Downloading Mautic 3...
[2020-09-13 22:57:47] Extracting the update package...
[2020-09-13 22:58:08] Extracting done!
[2020-09-13 22:58:08] Preparing for phase 2 of the upgrade...
[2020-09-13 22:58:08] IMPORTANT: NOT DONE YET! Due to the large amount of changes in Composer dependencies, we now need to restart the script to continue. We've saved your state, so we'll continue where we left off.
[2020-09-13 22:58:08] PLEASE RUN php upgrade_v3.php AGAIN TO START PHASE 2 OF THE UPGRADE!
[2020-09-13 22:58:12] Welcome to Phase 2 of the Mautic 3 upgrade! We'll continue where we left off.
[2020-09-13 22:58:12] Moving Mautic 2 files into mautic-2-backup and moving the Mautic 3 files in place, this might take a while... DO NOT ABORT THE SCRIPT!!!
[2020-09-13 22:58:12] Done!

[2020-09-13 22:58:12] Updating your config/local.php with new settings that were changed/introduced in Mautic 3...
[2020-09-13 22:58:12] Done! Your config file has been updated.
[2020-09-13 22:58:12] Getting the amount of available Mautic 3 database migrations... This might take a while!
[2020-09-13 22:59:47] Applying Mautic 3 database migrations, 9 migrations in total... This might take a while!
[2020-09-13 23:00:23] All Mautic 3 migrations applied successfully.
[2020-09-13 23:00:23] Restoring your user data like custom plugins/themes/media from the Mautic 2 installation. This might take a while... DO NOT ABORT THE SCRIPT!!!
[2020-09-13 23:00:23] Done! Your user data has been restored. Your Mautic 3 installation is ready. Just one more thing:
[2020-09-13 23:00:23] Cleaning up installation files that we no longer need...
[2020-09-13 23:00:23] Cleaned up successfully!
[2020-09-13 23:00:23] Building cache for Mautic 3...
[2020-09-13 23:04:34] Done! Cache has been built.
[2020-09-13 23:04:34] We're done! Enjoy using Mautic 3 :)
Don't forget to update your cron jobs!

I was able to reproduce the issue from a clean install of 2.16.3.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Clean install of 2.16.3 on MySQL | Windows Server
  2. Configure and enable Twilio
  3. Migrate to 3.0.1 via CLI
  4. Check the Twilio plugin configuration: the plugin is gone.