Unread Emails Marked as Read

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My Mautic version is: 3.3.3
My PHP version is: 7.4
My Database type and version is:

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My problem is:

Two Problems:

  1. Email is sent via campaign but never arrives - not in spam, or any other gmail tabs. Just gone.
  2. The second email in the campaign actually did arrive, but it was marked as ‘read’ at the same time it was sent. This also happened with a manual email (sent directly to the contact from the contacts page). It was marked as read immediately.

Anyone else experiencing either of these issues?

This instance has been performing well (in demos) up until now.

Hi, I have something similar now with one of my instances. I wonder if a spam filter maybe ‘opens’ the emails.

From my experience many ISP’s will actually open an email and even run clicks on links to evaluate it before passing on for delivery. Along with this the new release of IOS 15 can play a factor here as well.

Usually when you see the send and read time the same it is a flag that some kind of bot from an ISP has done this open and not a real person, or maybe even an autoresponder on the side of the recipient

We had a case this week, where we sent out an email to 8000 contacts, then we sent out an email to clickers. 105% open rate. 90% within 5 min after send… Very good… Not sure how to understand that.


Mautic version 3.3.1

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@joeyk and @mikew Thanks for the replies. mikew, that sounds like a reasonable explanation and I don’t have a better one!

Either way, I’ve never been a fan of ‘open’ rates since there are too many variables to make it trustworthy, so I don’t see this as a huge deal, but I like to keep track of inconsistencies, at least, as they might inform us of trouble in advance.

Thanks, again.

@gmail.com and @outlook.com are two email gateway which I know that “open” emails in transit.

Like what other said, probably AI checking for spam or phishing links etc.