Mautic is showing wrong Email Read Data

Why is my email read data Wrong?

To explain, I’ve created a demo segment of some emails and sent email to that segment and it shows opens for 7 out of 10 emails, but none of them were actually opened.

One of those emails was on yahoo, it didn’t showed wrong data for that email, but for gmail ones, the read data is wrong, showing read without even getting opened.

This is a major issue as it makes me question all my data now. How do I solve this?

It is most likely that gmail is opening the emails and checking them before the user actually opens them. This is a well known problem in the past year or so where ISP’s are doing this to check content, so you are getting false positives. There is no real way around this as far as I know

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Probably all of those folks have iphones.

Do iphones read emails before the user, and is there a way to solve this?

If not 100%, can i fix my data to some extent?

not only iPhone, but gmail and many other ISP’s will do this. Open rates are very skewed, bottom line is conversions/sales. Even clicks can become skewed today. There are ways around checking who really clicks by putting in some hidden links, but this can be tricky as some ISPs do not like this either.

I’ve read about IP Filters - that they can help us filter out some fake reads (gmail etc.) to some extent. Do you have any idea on how to do that?

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By Apple it’s called privacy shield, Outlook has it’s own solution.
I found, that there is no point fighting these, simply change your metrics and could opens as lower priority goal. Mautic is great it tracking actions, I would do that rather then go into a cat and mouse chase.

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