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Unsubscribe - Transactional vs Marketing?

Hello again forum people:

If I understand correctly, when you set {unsubscribe_url} in your email linked to a preference center page, you are permitting the contact to:

  1. Unsubscribe system-wide from any MARKETING message by unchecking the respective communications channels options, and

  2. Select those segments to which they want to be subscribed - if chosen segments are made public.


In no case, will TRANSACTIONAL emails be effected by unsubscribing?

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Just tested:

Unsubscribe from the Email channel will disable Campaign / Transactional emails as well.
It will disable Segment emails as well.
It will not disable direct messages.

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Thanks again Joey!

Another QUESTION then:

If an unsubscribed (disabled email channel) contact later re-submits a mautic form, will they be re-subscribed?

How can they re-activate communications from the sender?

A form is a good way to do it.
You add action to your subscription form: “Remove Do Not Contact”.
Once the person fills it out, will be removed from Do Not Contact.

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Rock n roll. Perfect.

I promise I’ll learn sufficiently to not pester the forum moderators with all these newbie questions.

Have a great weekend.

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It’s good that you ask. I took a deep dive and discovered many many aspects of the transactional/marketing/queued message/frequency topic. My next video will be about this issues.