Update contact details from preference center

Using Acquia Campaign Factory

My problem is:
We have a preference center (Landing page) and a custom form is embedded on this preference center page. The fields of the custom form are mapped to the contacts fields(Interested In and Industry). When a user gets the email with this preference center, they will update the form values and submit the form, but the updated form field values are not applied in their contact detail.
Overall I need a contact detail field needs to be updated when we submit it from the preference center embedded form page.
Note: The preference center page is also having a few checkboxes and a save preferences button.
For the embedded custom form I don’t see any form action attached in inspect element, is it falling back to the Save Preferences button?

These errors are shown in the log:

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:
I didn’t find anything to try out.
Please suggest what am I doing wrong here. Much appreciated!