Upload of Themes via UI does nothing

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.1.2
My PHP version is: 7.4.24
My Database type and version is: MariaDB

Your problem
My problem is:

Hi All,

For some reason when I upload a theme via the UI it seems to run its course, but the new theme is not shown in the Themes view. There is also no error reported on the UI or in the logs.

When looking at the HTTP logs, I can see the POST 200 code for the upload, but that seems to be it.

I am able to successfully add the new theme by uploading it via the backend/command line, which also shows up on the Theme view on the UI. For some or other reason the UI upload function just doesn’t want to work.

Any help or guidance will be appreciated and thank you in advance.

These errors are showing in the log:

No errors reported

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:

  • I have tried clearing the Mautic cache.
  • Updating the Mautic version
  • Increased PHP resource allocation (incase it was resource constraints)
  • Reloading the webserver
  • Clearing the browser cache
  • Tried a range of different browsers
  • Tried different themes

Hi, are you using the right content in your config? Did you specify the email builder in the array?


Hi @joeyk ,

Thanks for the feedback.

My config.json contains the following:

“name”: “NAME”,
“author”: “AUTHOR”,
“authorUrl”: “https://author_url”,
“builder”: [“grapesjsbuilder”],
“features”: [

I trust this is in order because when the theme is added via the backend, it is visible from the UI and working as expected. It’s just the actual UI upload that doesn’t seem to work.

Kind Regards

Do you have email.html.twig in your package?

Hi @joeyk

I do indeed have email.html.twig within my theme package.

Kind Regards