Use of custom cookies to hide focus items

We use Memberstack as a means for people to sign up and support our local news website (although we are looking to change to Memberpress (our site runs on Wordpress).

We use focus items for newsletter sign-up, but I don’t want this appearing for users signed in via Memberstack. The cookie Memberstack uses is __ms

Is there anyway to tell Mautic do not display a focus item if this cookie is present?

PS Absolutely love what Mautic does so a huge thank you to all that help develop it.


Since a focus item is basically a piece of script that you put on your website, maybe you could create a function where you check whether the cookie is present and based on that append or remove the script for the focus item.


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Thank you. I’m a non-tech person learning to code. A former colleague set up Mautic for us and still helps where he can. He set up a script which blocked Google Adsense for logged in members and your answer reminded me of that. I adapted the script to exclude the Mautic focus item script.

The reason I looked at the solution from a cookie point of view was that pop-up maker (which we previously used) had that option.

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