User Identification Issue Across Multiple Devices

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.4.10

Your problem
I have a problem with user identification in Mautic.

A user with the email address is identified in the Chrome browser on a desktop.
They visited 10 pages.
A little later, they decided to take their phone and browse another 10 pages.

In Mautic, two records are created:
The first concerns the identified user.
The second concerns an unidentified user.

On the second device, the user decided to log in on the login.php page and enter account.php.

At this point, the user is identified on the login page, and the visit to the account.php page is carried out as an identified user.

At this moment, the status in Mautic looks like this:
User - 11 pages viewed
Anonymous user (with some IP address) - 11 pages (including login.php).

Each subsequent page visited by the user on the new device is added to the history of the existing account. However, how can I combine these two sessions? I would like the result to be 22 pages visited by the user

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