Using Mautic With Zimbra - Installing on VPS

According to multiple sources that I’ve seen as far as ‘email deliverability’ goes, most have said that having a business or domain email account to send and receive (especially when sending) emails from, is very important for hitting primary inboxes instead of promotions tabs, social, & in the worse case, SPAM folders.

I know that Mautic does not have any plugins to create your own domain/business email accounts and that’s why I’ve decided to stack both Mautic & Zimbra together since Zimbra can create business/domain email accounts very easily.
For e.g. info@MyWebsite . com or contact@MyWebsite . com

So I was wondering if anyone knew which is best to install first when installing on a Linux Ubuntu VPS. I don’t want these 2 separate programs to collide during installations.

  1. Should I install Zimbra first, then add Mautic to the server next, or vice versa?

  2. Does Mautic have any other solutions or plan on coming up with additional plugins to create email accounts for your own domain (as shown above)?

Any support is appreciated.

Install the mail server first