Create a Plugin For Domain Name Email Accounts on Own Server

According to multiple sources that I’ve seen as far as ‘email deliverability’ goes, most have said that having a business or domain email account to send and receive (especially when sending) emails from, is very important for hitting primary inboxes instead of promotions tabs, social, & in the worse case, SPAM folders. Creating business / domain email accounts also helps with branding & better reputation.

I know that Mautic does not have any plugins to create your own domain/business email accounts and that’s why I’ve decided to stack both Mautic & Zimbra together since Zimbra can create business/domain email accounts very easily.
For e.g. info@MyWebsite . com or contact@MyWebsite . com

Does Mautic have any other solutions or plan on coming up with additional plugins to create email accounts for your own domain (as shown above)?

BTW, if you look up ‘iRedMail’ or ‘Zimbra’, both of these free programs enable their users to create domain email address or email accounts that match their own domain name. Maybe you guys could create a plugin that has this same capability.

Any support is appreciated.

I have set up my own mailing server with no extra need for a plugin, I simply choose OTHER SMTP as my sender and used TLS when configuring.

No offense, but apparently this entire post goes above and right past your head. :slightly_smiling_face::wink:

Funny when someone says no offence, they generally are being rather offensive (and kind of know it as well).

Mautic is an Automated Marketing platform and not a deliverability platform, one of the especially nice features around mautic is that it is agnostic to the ESP, hence providing a marketer the flexibility to switch between a number of ESP’s he desires along with even using his own ESP where he can simply setup his own “business / domain email”.

Maybe what you are asking (if this is not once again going ‘right past my head’) is will Mautic become an ESP ?

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@aaronesteban , yes recieving is very important, you can do it by hosting your mailbox anywhere. You can connect to this mailbox by using the fetching mail function.
You can read about it here:

I think, what @mikew is trying to say is, that Mautic is trying to be great as a marketing automation tool, and not sidetracked by developing SMTP, mailbox management functions. There is no need, as it connects with any other services via the robust SMTP protocol. You can even use one service (or even CRM) for incoming email, so all your messaging is managed in a professional way, and use another service for sending emails (like most serious businesses do) by using third party delivery service like Amazon, Mailgun, etc.

By setting up your domain authentication properly it won’t affect your delivery.

On the other hand if you feel this is a viable option I suggest to create the specifications (screenshots always help too, or wireframe), you can always drop it in the commercial section and see what offers a you are getting for developing it.