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Mautic send the emails spam folder?

Hello guys,

Hope all is well.

The emails I send via mautic go to the spam folder.

However, When I send an email manually from, it goes to the Primary box on gmail. I also made a test with Glock app and it passed the test successfully with this domain email.

I have two other domains that work without any problem on mautic. I used the same installation settings and I use the same email provider for three of them.

Any idea why the first one sends emails to spam with mautic, although it works when sending emails manually or in the glock app?


I would go and search for @joeyk brilliant video on how Mautic sends emails and the difference between a transactional email and marketing email. Basically a marketing email will amend something into the email header telling the ISP that it is a marketing message


Thank you for your response, Mike :slight_smile:

This is the video probably @mikew mentioned

Very interesting.

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Thank you for your answers @mikew and @mtch9.

I watched @joeyk videos but couldn’t find a solution :slight_smile:

The problem is still the same.

Even, I bought a new domain for testing.

First I sent an email from my email provider with it and it goes to Gmail Primary Box.

Then, I installed mautic, add a new contact, and sent a custom mail to the same Gmail address saying just “Hello Guys” and it went to the spam folder.

P.S. I have another installation with the same email provider and SMTP settings and it sends to the mails to PRIMARY Box. really weird…

Hi, fyi new domains are penalized by the spam eating monkey - its one of the spamfilters.

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Hi Joey…

Thank you for your quick answer :slight_smile:

I already have another old domain but it also sends to Spam folder on Gmail.

The problem is; these two domains send mails to the Gmail Primary Box when I send via my email provider panel. They passed the exam also on Glock App :))

I didn’t add any header, link or etc in the test mail I sent from mautic. I just wrote"Hello Guys" :and sent as a custom email to the same Gmail address. It went to the spam box :frowning:

Hi! What smtp are you using?

Hi Joey,

I use Other SMTP as the screenshot below. But as I said, I use the same company on my other mautic and it works well.

I tested with other SMTP port 587 but it went to Spam again.

Hi, it is really hard to give advise on specific cases, cause deliverability depends on many things. Ans there is the Schrödinger effect as well: by sensing test emails and not opening them, you can force the emails into your promo box without affecting delivery to others.

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