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UTM tag Contact properties and reporting

If UTM tags were properties of the contact, then these tags could be used for things like segmentation and reporting. Right now there is no way to use the UTM tag info from the contact timeline and the only value they add is to manually view their source one by one.

Related to this request: #4166

I agree this would be a very useful feature for tracking ROI from paid ads etc…

+10000 for this
I just discovered this issue and I’m scratching my head that it’s even an issue.
I need to pass a report to the marketing department with a list of known contacts that originally came from an 3rd-Party remarking campaign. Despite all the necessary data being there already, there is no easy and clean way to do this. My reports only show the anonymous record with no email or names, and no way to obtain those.
The only way I can currently make this report is by hand, manually looking at all contacts in a segment and manually locating those that have the 3rd-party UTM tag in their “contact identified” records.
This is a must-have feature.