Very strange error, likely not Mautic related

Hi, I have a problem that is likely not Mautic related, but better safe than sorry, so Im asking here.

I have a Mautic instance running with the domain,, and so on where is the on I have in the settings in Mautic.

Everything has worked great until today where for some reason has stopped working, the rest of the domains works great.

I know this is not a lot of info, but if someone has seen this problem before, let me know and I can provide more information.

Hello @CarlJohan ,

Based on this information, there could be several possible causes for the issue. I would recommend checking the error logs of the specific domain where Mautic is experiencing problems, so that you can provide more specific information to the community.

In addition, it would be helpful to gather some additional details such as any recent changes or updates made to the system, any error messages or symptoms observed, and any steps taken to troubleshoot the issue so far. This will assist the community in providing more accurate suggestions and solutions.