Wait until condition is true?

I have the following situation.

I am using Mautic to manage a sports club. New members complete a web form that sets the membership date.

I have a campaign that after 364 days emails them a reminder to renew their membership and tags them as being an ex member. That tag moves them out of the current member list and into an ex member list via a dynamic filter

When the ex member renews his or or hers subs they complete the new membership form which resets the membership date for another year.

I need to be able to remove the ex member tag and add a current member tag.

I can set a campaign for all ex members segment that looks to see if the date is within the year and then do the tagging. Hassle is the check will only be done once.

How can I set a “Wait until condition is true?” or “Wait until the date is within a year”?

As the ex member could renew their membership at any point, it’s not practical to apply a new check for every day with a 1 day wait.

Is their a better method?

Hey @robm

If the ex member needs to fill out a form in order resubscribe then why not just start the campaign from that form, as they enter the form you do a remove tag and add tag ? You can also use an action update contact to set the new renewed membership date as “today”

Would this solve the problem ?

Feeling the love, thanks Mike.

Yes that is what I ended up doing. But that only works if the form is completed. Quite a few members pay their subs and then email me.

It would be great to just update the date in the custom field for membership and have that change trigger a campaign that does all the work.

in that case why don’t you create a segment where the renew membership date equals “today” and have that segment filter into your campaign