Where is the location of the OAuth 2 Authentication plugin?

Hi Everyone,

** Apache 2.4
My Mautic version is: 45_mautic-449
My PHP version is: PHP 8.0
My Database type and version is: MySQL 8.0

Your problem

The OAuth 2 Authentication plugin is not located in the “Plugins” tab of the Configuration page, the plugin is missing. Where is the location of the OAuth 2 Authentication plugin?. :

  • Using OAuth#
  1. Open your Mautic dashboard.
  2. Click on the gear icon on the top right and select API Credentials.
  3. Click on the + New button on the top right.
  4. Select ‘OAuth 2’ from the Authorization Protocol dropdown list.
  5. Enter the name of the credentials in the Name field."

The URL link is here, Mautic credentials | n8n Docs

See the captured screenshot image for details.

Note: “OAuth 2 authentication plugin” is missing* :


Please check this URL: YOURMAUTIC/s/credentials

… or open your right hand menu

→ API Credentials Menue

I don’t think its a plugin anymore - seems to be core nower days. Can’t even remember, when it was in the past :wink:

Hi Dirk,
The third-party missing plugin is found here: Packages from friendsofsymfony.


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Alright, thanks … so its part of core, not an optional mautic plugin as the others listed.
So did you find the menu for setting up credentials?


We are deploying Google OAuth 2.0 for authorization, app requests authorizations for one or more scopes of access from a Google Account.

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