Wordpress conditional page with Mautic Plugin

I need a “thank you page” in WordPress to show different content in function of if a Mautic lead is identified or not.


I have a squeeze funnel like this in WordPress:


As soon as the lead submits the form, Mautic redirects to the thank-you page.

Email funnel

I want to play around with a mini-funnel via email that starts with a couple of emails like this:

  • Email 1 => Sent Instantly after the form submit =>
    • It’ll say: “You can download the checklist here” and set the link to the thank you page: https://example.com/checklist/thank-you-6347861
    • This is not strictly necessary because he already was redirected, but may help if the download fails and he wants to download it later.
    • Although the thank-you page URL is static I’ll tell “this is your personalized URL for you, don’t share it; in a few minutes I’ll send you an email so you can forward it to your friends”
  • Email 2 => Sent 15 mins after Email 1 =>
    • An email saying “hey, you can share the checklist with your friends forwarding them this email” and set a link to https://example.com/checklist

Possible non-desirable behaviour

If lead Alice forwards Email-1 to Bob, then Bob will be able to download the checklist wihtout leaving me the email address. This is equivalent to Alice sending out the PDF she just downloaded, so there’s no “security risk” in here.


In case Alice sends the email with the link to the thank you page https://example.com/checklist/thank-you-6347861 to Bob and Bob is not a lead in my mautic, I want that the WordPress redirects to the form (or if not redirected, put a button saying “click here to download” and sending to the form) instead of displaying the download button.


How can the WordPress detect, via the Mautic plugin, if the visitor has an email or is anonymous, and change the content in function of that?

Would Dynamic Web Content solve this use case?

Agree with @escopecz, you can do this with Dynamic content

Set a DC filter - if email field is empty it shows content that contains the form. If not empty it will not show a form.

Then you insert a slot with a short code on the website where you want the DC to show

Will try, friends! Thanks!