Wordpress Membership integration, double opt-in, tag API

Which is the best way to integrate a Membership Wordpress installation with Mautic?

Most Membership plugins do not seem to have any option to connect and integrate information with Mautic.

So I tried ARMember plugin that at least has a Mautic paid add-on.

Well the Mautic add-on allows to setup registration/sing-up forms that are able to pass to Mautic the following: first name, last name, and email address. But that is all, nothing more than that.

Double opt-in does not work after registration. ARMember support replies the following:
“contact mautic support as to whether they do provide API for double opt-in or not? If mautic does provide then please let me know with the URL so I can check accordingly.”

Anybody knows that?

Also the Mautic add-on is unable to pass to Mautic any information about the membership level. So it is impossible to segment and create mailings related to membership level. This is a very serious problem. For me, the main reason to have various membership levels is being able to communicate different content to each level. But if this is not possible…

A very simple solution would be to add to Mautic a different tag for each membership level. But since it seems ARMember support does not know how to do that, is there a Mautic API that would help to do that?

Ok, many thanks for everything

I don’t have experience with exactly that, but here is how I would approach this.

Let the membership plugin handle the sign up and DOI. I am assuming its is able to do that? Only once a member is fully signed up, membership level etc assigned, then sync all that info with mautic using a tool like n8n, zapier or similar. Add in tags for different elements of the membership that will let you trigger actions in mautic based off of those tags

Many thanks @robm. What you are saying confirmed what I was thinking as a way out. I even asked a question about how to do that to ARMember support, but they only replied they have a Zapier add-on to sell and which is unable to transfer membership levels information.

On Mautic side it would be possible to use N8N to receive tags corresponding to membership levels. But on Wordpress-ARMember side I have no idea how to get the relevant information.

Also I would like to avoid too much unnecessary complication. In the end my main aim is to put some resources in a Worpress page that can be accessed only by users that on Mautic have a minimum number of points or a certain tag. It seems simple enough, perhaps there are simpler ways to do that.

Sounds like you need a better membership plugin than ARmember. Nowadays if a software won’t play nice with others, I move onto one that will.

I would try and pull what I could from ARMember into something like n8n and see what comes across in the JSON file. There maybe something in there u can use.