Wordpress: Page Visit Decision: Displaying focus items

I have a Wordpress site set up with the Mautic Plugin.

I want to push focus items on my Wordpress pages based on campaigns, however I am confused as to how to do so… Or if it’s even possible.

I know I need the “Page Visit” decision, but what do I input for the fields (again for a Wordpress site, not for static HTML).

Pic is attached for what I need help with.

I think you have it the wrong way arround. Seems you are in the campaign builder. You can here run a certain task based on whether a certain page has been visited in the past.

But I think you want to place a focus item. What you need to do is to create a focus item in Mautic, that will display certain content depending on whether an email was read, a page was opened, or any other parameter you want to query. On the WordPress page you need just to decide, which focus item you want to display. The focus item will have then a certain logic to determine its content depending on any condition you want to apply. Does that make sense?