4.3.1 install failing with Symfony error

Hi y’all. Hoping you can help me see what’s wrong here. I’m a semi-tech-literate non-tech-person, relying on a lot of googling and man this, man that, --help to try and get this going for a demo to get the higher-ups behind using Mautic. I’ve stumbled this far but I’m stumped at this point…

Your software
My PHP version is : 7.4.29
My MySQL version: 8.0.29

Updating/Installing Errors
I am installing via CLI. Uploaded .zip, extracted, changed file ownership to apache:apache, changed all permissions to 755 for testing

These errors are showing in the installer : The generic error message I shouldn’t post

These errors are showing in the Mautic log : Mautic log path (path/to/mautic/var/logs) is empty. Apache logs end with multiple lines of: “Symfony\Component\ErrorHandler\Error\ClassNotFoundError: Attempted to load class “PDO” from the global namespace.”

Your problem
My problem is : not getting an install screen to move on to configuring Mautic.

Steps I have tried to fix the problem :

  • Checked that php_mysql is installed
  • reinstalled composer, php_mysql
  • added “extension = pdo.so”, “extension = pdo_sqlite.so”, “extension = pdo_mysql.so” to php.ini
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Hi there,

Are you hosting this on a VPS or dedicated server? Presume you have PHP, MySQL etc all set up and working?

It says you set it up with the CLI, which zip file are you using?

Hi rcheesley! thanks for checking in.

It’s a dedicated server; PHP 7.4 and MySQL 8.0 installed and working. I installed from the 4.3.1.zip file I got from github.

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@rcheesley - just pinging to see if you can weigh in.

This would suggest that the PDO extension is not installed or maybe configured correctly on your server.

Check the global server setup but also make sure you are not doing something funky at a folder level with a php.ini which might be impacting this. If you have one in your working directory that will take precedence over the global settings. Caught me out a few times!

Some useful suggestions here: mysql - PHP Fatal error: Class 'PDO' not found - Stack Overflow but you might want to get a server admin to take a look if it is not your area of expertise as they may be able to get to the bottom of it quickly :wink: