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504 on login

My Mautic version is: 2.15.1
My PHP version is: 7.0.33

I always get a 504 Gateway Time-out on login. Usually after 1 page refresh it goes away and mautic will load. Sometimes it takes a few refreshes. Ideas?

Hi there,

Firstly, you’re running a somewhat out of date Mautic instance.

Secondly, do you see any errors in your log which coincide with the 504 error? Generally a 504 is thrown if the response from your Mautic instance is too slow. Maybe there’s a server performance issue going on?

Yes we are a bit out of date. We’ve had some horrible experiences with bugs introduced by mautic updates. So we are always loathe to update.

Nothing in the logs. Our logs are full of the Lead not found error and nothing else.

We’ve got our mautic db running on an aws ec2 t2.xlarge. Our cron running on a t2.medium and the app on a t2.medium. Yes we still see performance issues with all that. So agreed it’s a performance issue. The question is why, it’s not lack of resources

Did you personalize your dashboards? Slow queries to load the visualizations might be the cause.
Also, does the issue persist when you try to log-in with a different user?

I think the dashboards are standard. Not 100% sure on that.

You are correct. Seems to be only my login

I think you are correct. I removed a bunch of stuff from the dashboard and it seems to be better

Thank You

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