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525 people that stuck in pending

Thank you, Yosu. I upgraded last night to 2.15.3. Unsure how stable that release is, perhaps I jumped the gun. After doing so, I cloned the Segment email. I then created a segment targeting those who didn’t receive the original email. Even thought I’ve associated the new segment with the cloned segment email, when I go to send that message it states that I have no pending contacts. I’m really confused on why this would be. Any idea?

After upgrading those “pending” people were no longer showing as pending. The last thing I mentioned, how I could add a Segment containing a bunch of people…yeah, none of the records have email addresses, duh. No wonder it cannot send to those people! Hopefully my 2.15.3 will be stable…

Hehehe this kind of stuff happens to me all the time!

I would say 2.15.3 is the more stable release in the 2.15.x series, so unless you want to go back to 2.14.2 (and PHP 7.1) this is the good one…

I try to keep an eye on stability and provide a (rather subjective) rating for the latest releases here:

The colors used on the icons try to signify how stable a release is (check ratings at the bottom of the page).