A course on how to set up and use Mautic for non techies?


I have been using Mautic almost since the very beginning. It’s been an amazing and often frustrating journey.

I am trying to gauge if there would be any interest in a course on how to set up and use Mautic, specifically aimed at non-techies?

I started as a non-techy, and mostly still am. A lot of the comments and support given to the community here and on the slack channel can be very techy, and I think overwhelming for newcomers. It certainly was for me initially.

Would a course that demystifies the techy side of Mautic, shows you how to set up and use it, and shows the build-out of a complete marketing system, using Mautic, an email provider (amazon SES most likely), and WordPress, be of any value to the community? It would also include basic troubleshooting steps for the common factors that don’t work.

I would charge a small fee for the course.

I know there are a few courses out there, and much is covered in the documentation, but a lot is outdated or confusing for newbies.

Let me know if this is something you may be interested in?

@joeyk is working on something, he may want to share.

We were brainstorming here

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