How would you learn to use Mautic - feedback needed

On last week’s Mautic Helpdesk we talked about the difficulty of getting pro in Mautic and learning all the tips and tricks. We also did a little brainstorming on how to teach Mautic better. We came up with a list of things, that should be included in a learning path.

  • What would you add?
  • What scenarios would you like to see?

Ideas for a Curriculum:
(Most of it is actually available in docs!)
Integrate the tracking code on your website
How to add widgets
How to load and save dashboards
Manage access rights to your Contacts
What is contact ownership?
How to edit tags
Understand Anonymous visitors
Deal with Do Not Contacts
Understand Contacts Timeline, filter, open events
How to Export
Custom field Types, behaviour, alias, naming, changes, organization
Create your first form
Create newsletters
Tokens to be used in emails
The proper way to test your newsletters
How Segments, Campaigns, Channels, Components work together?

  • Hands on: Create a double optin Campaign
  • Hands on: Your First Nurturing Campaign
  • Hands on: Your first Reactivation campaign

Understand how lead scoring works
Lead scoring for unknown contacts

  • Hands on: Create a Birthday or Anniversary camapaign
  • Hands on: Create a lead magnet with gated content

Dynamic content
Focus items
How to send text messages
Add notifications with Onesignal

Marketing automation examples:

  • eCommerce Store
  • Lone Wolf Consultant
  • Course Marketplace

Anything a beginner need to know including troubleshooting any errors, so there is no panicking when it happened.

When I first started using Mautic last year I found the “The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Mautic” course on Udemy really good (even though it uses an older version). It was a lot easier to follow than the docs and convinced me to give Mautic a try. Maybe looking at the course content or reaching out to the instructor will give some ideas.


Hey, yeah that is a good course, but very basic. I def. recommend it for starters. However You won’t master anything, and it is not ultimate either. And needs to be updated. But again: if you are new to Mautic lost, you can use it.

I’m thinking more about hands on training where you can see how actions affect the marketing success, generate revenue. Real stats, numbers.


Hey there, in our experience customers need Mautic know-how when they start. But they understand the basics quite easily. Then they start working and having problems. Thus, I’d focus on the troubleshooting then, too.


  • my campaign isn’t running, what can all the possible reasons be…
  • focus items don’t appear, check abc…

Thanks for your ideas and the initiative!

I support the point to help understanding on how to read the activity history of Contacts. This is something I often discuss with users.

And I would also suggest to

  • explain categories and their use
  • remind, that categories are in the settings menu :wink:
  • explain how to set up a landing page

Hey Sarah!

my campaign isn’t running, what can all the possible reasons be…

You mean cron settings

  • Cron not working, cron missing, no permission etc.
    Or just how the marketers don’t understand sometimes the ways to troubleshoot campaigns?
  • Contact not added, not qualified, hanging in decisions, falling through while tree, stuck by a condition


Excellent list…so many items I’ve struggled with or wondered about!

Updating Mautic if “button” doesn’t work and you aren’t a tech would be another suggestion.

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We do have this very good guide written by @favour during the Season of Docs project: Getting Started with Mautic | Grav in case folks have not seen it!

That is an amazing source, thank you.
This doc - and most of the docs - are like “Hello young Chef, this is how you use the pan, knife and blender.” which is totally fine, in fact it’s great. I think a real upgrade to that would be “Hello young Chef, let’s make a Roast pavé with wild salmon, white peach, mussels, cobnuts and verjus beurre blanc. From Scratch. Let’s start with how to turn use the knife.”


Hi Joey, the latter! It would be great to have more faq for users.

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Yes absolutely! We really welcome any contributions to the knowledgebase, it would be great to have articles and videos explaining the more in depth things that folk might need to know! :slight_smile:


So I put this together during some Covid time… It’s just a spreadsheet of different learning resources by searches of google, youtube & other resources, etc. perhaps others may find it useful. I’m sharing this link "as editable for all who have it, as it’s a copy

  • John

Hey John… that is a great resource list… i did not have time to review them all but PLEASE contact joeyK for a complete list of his hundreds of youtube videos he has offered way more than anyone else to help us DUMMIES… meaning nice dummies… And there is another upcoming go getter that has begun to help also…that is Adam… I think he will become one of the top helpers here for us…
I would love to see someone post a simple way to set up Basic and OATH2… and especailly get it added to your list… So many people just give up on this item… Joeyk has a lot of info on the OATH2 and has shared a lot.

Good list! Thx John!

Excellent…Thanks for sharing this.

Kudos !!

Great…thanks for sharing it.

Most troubleshooting can be solved by:
-Setting file permissions correctly
-Setting crons up in the correct format per your dev environment
-Setting pdo on line 3 of local.php
-Reading docs on campaign setup, execution and the relationship between cron formats and timing

Will come back and edit after I review more answers marked “solutions”

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I’m a newbie at coding - Can anyone direct me where to learn how to customize “Label attributes”
“Input attributes” & " Field container attributes". I’m having a hard time deconstructing what’s needed. I’ve scoured and snipped what I can from this forum…but I’m missing something w3School seemed to be the right place…but still need some direction. Thx in advance!

Great stuff! :+1:

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