AB Testing Parent Email includes results for variants, why?

I was wondering what the reason behind this was? To me it’s confusing, if I have variations 1(parent)/2/3 for example and 1 sent 10 emails, 2 sent 20 emails, and 3 sent 20 emails when I click on variations 2 and 3 I get a sent email count of 20 emails and all other stats relevant to just that variation. However when I click on variation 1 (parent), I get a sent count of 50 emails, all the other stats are for all variants as well. This doesn’t help me determine how the parent email is doing compared to the variants, if I want to see results of the variants I can click on those. If I want to see combined results I think it should be in a report. Having a parent function differently than the variants seems counter intuitive to me, when I’m viewing email id X I expect to see only results for email id X in the grid.

This would be easy to update and something I’d be willing to do, but for now I’ve just implemented on my local version. It would be as simple as updating this else statement from EmailGraphStatsController->viewAction

else {
$includeVariants = (($email->isVariant() && $parent === $email) || ($email->isTranslation() && $translationParent === $email));