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Ability to specify different email gateways to use for different purposes

Currently you can only configure one email service (i.e. Sendgrid, Mandrill, SES). It would be nice to be able to specify different email gateways to use for different purposes. (e.g. Transaction Email vs Marketing Email)

Each email gateway could be specific to campaign or email.

Having different IPs for these different purposes allows to manage domain reputation and is critical to avoid disruption of transactional emails because of promotional campaigns

This feature is critical for those who want to process transactional/notifications AND promotional emails, altogether in Mautic, in order to have the full view of the communications with contact accross all the touchpoints/channels.

The lack of this feature jeopardize transactional notification, whenever lead has marked DNC for promotional.

Each email use by default the primary email gateway, unless it is set otherwise in the email template.

This is something very interesting!