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Add an entry to the Contacts detail view right hand panel

Hi, could someone give me a heads up on the best way to create an entry in the right hand panel of a contacts details view? The area where the image, contact details, email, phone, companies etc are listed?

I have an integration with SuiteCRM and am passing the CRM URL of that contact record to Mautic into a field type of URL BUT, the field does NOT become a hyperlink. I’d like to customise the right hand panel using the value passed to Mautic to create a new entry (SuiteCRM Record) at the bottom of the current links

Thanks for any assistance you can give me

For anyone looking to add this type of function (NOT upgrade safe I’d imagine)

I have a custom field in Mautic named suitecrmlink.
I have a custom field in SuiteCRM that has an onsave LogicHook attached. The logic behind the hook fills the field with the full URL of that contact record
The field in Suite is pushed to Mautic using the Mautic SugarCRM plugin and saved in the Mautic records suitecrmlink custom field
In the file app/bundles/LeadBundle/Views/Lead/lead.html.php add code in your required position (search for the class panel-title to find the beginning of the right hand side panel)

<!-- CRM link field> -->
<div class="pa-sm">
<?php if (!empty($fields['core']['suitecrmlink']['value'])) : echo "<h6 class='fw-sb'><a href=".$fields['core']['suitecrmlink']['value']." target='_blank'>SuiteCRM Link</a></h6>"
			.'<br>'; endif ?>
<div class="clearfix"></div>

Reload the Contact record in Mautic to see the link

Hi Marty,

Nice implementation, but certainly not upgrade safe. :slight_smile:

I would split this into 2 steps:

  1. Functionality to mark/display a URL field als hyperlink
  2. Functionality to mark a custom field to be displayed in the right column

If you have time, implement it and create a pull request. I consider both things very useful.


Hey Peter, great ideas both - can think of a myriad applications for the functionality - I’ll try and make time to implement as you’ve suggested :=]

I haven’t had much time yet to have a look at the underlying structure of Mautic, would you know off the top of your head if it supports an upgrade safe method of manipulating the interface? I’ve been working with SugarCRM/SuiteCRM of late and they both (really the same product) have a Custom folder where you can add enhancements that WON’T be overwritten by future updates - anything like that in Mautic