Add option to modify Global (subscribed) categories via campaigns

Originally posted as Add option to modify Global (subscribed) categories via campaigns · Issue #4504 · mautic/mautic · GitHub

Mautic documentation seems to suggest using ‘subscribed categories’ to allow contacts to control their preferences although segments can be used. These categories are under ‘Global Categories’ and the preferences page functionality works great.

Contact profile data, segments and tags can all be modified using campaigns. However, it is not possible to adjust a contact’s subscribed categories via campaigns. This means that a campaign cannot change contact preferences nor can a team perform maintenance campaigns ex - migrate from segments to categories.

One possible solution - add campaign action ‘Modify Contact’s Categories’

I miss this function too. Currently the categories can not be used. The categories should also become available during import or export.

Have you found a work around?

We just stayed with segments, although the category functionality would simply our segments quite a bit.