Update Contact Preferences via REST API?

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.1.2
My PHP version is: n/a
My Database type and version is: n/a

Your problem
My problem is:

I would like to update contact preferences via REST API but don’t see how. So perhaps it is not possible.

My company’s use case for Mautic is for marketing automation. The end user never interacts directly with Mautic. We create / update users within our own db, and then create / update contacts in Mautic using a subset of the user’s properties (via REST API). We allow users to manage their contact preferences through our app, not through Mautic directly.

Is there a suggested way to handle this?

If the REST API isn’t the way to go, then I think we’ll have to make sure our segments filter out contacts where we’ve set various properties to ‘false’. For example, include contacts where emailOptIn=true, or smsOptIn=true.