Adding Basic CRM capabilities

Searching for a Mautic plugin that will add basic CRM capabilities to the contacts section.
I would like to register emails, calls and texts sent to the contact as well as classify it as Active/Converted/Dead lead etc.
A basic version of the one Mautic HEM created: Discover Mautic by HEM: A CRM & Marketing Automation Platform for Schools - YouTube
No need for quotes, invoicing, etc. Just basic communications login.

Thanks for your help.

I use SuiteCRM. It’s free an open source. The supplied Mautic Plugin synchs with it pretty well and easy to setup. I use SuiteCRM as my CRM and use Mautic for marketing. It works great. You can even sync fields so that lets say you mark the contact in “industry A” in SuiteCRM then need to create an email segment to “industry A” you just sync that field to Mautic and use that as a basis for segmentation. It really is powerful using the two together.

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Thanks for the info. I will try it.