Already subscribed page

I have a Opt In campaign sign up form where I have campaign set to send confirmation email with a link to confirm email address after form submission.

But I wanted the Opt In form to redirect the person to a “Already subscribed” page if they are already in a certain segment or have certain tag after submitting a sign up form.

it seems campaign form does not have that action and it is not triggered instantly when the form is submitted correct? Is there a way for the form to check against contact list and redirect contact to “Already subscribed” page if needed?

Thank you

Hi, you can do this with dynamic content.

  1. Store the subscription status in a custom field or tag
  2. Redirect the successful submission to the same page
  3. Embed dynamic content into the page as follows:
  • If your subscription value is yes, then the dynamic content on the page would say:
    “You already subscribed”
  • If already subbed, you’d say:
    “You successfully subscribed”

Thats it.