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Alternative way of Tracking to prevent that parameters in links are cut off

Hi Guys,

I did an email campaign and that email contains links to my website.These links have tracking enabled. Based on the pagehit report in Mautic I noticed that in many cases the tracking parameters are cut off (anything behind “/?” in the URL). I think that email servers or clients or whatever cut these parameters off. As a result when the email receiver clicks a link in the email I can’t see who visited the page. How are you dealing with this?

Alternatively: If Mautic would create a tracking link like this “pageurl/trackingparameter” maybe it will not be cut off, and we can still track the visitor. I guess it would require an internal system in the CMS that will create a rewrite for redirecting “pageurl/trackingparameter” to “pageurl?trackingparameter”.
This would mean that in a campaign with 1000 users the equal number of redirects have to be created.
What do you think of this approach?

it seems to have been done here