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Could clicking a button in email be used to generate tracking URL

Hi Guys,

Mautic uses parameteres and a trackingpixel to track email opening and link clicking
There are many sophisticated systems in place that cut of the parametersand block the trackingpixel.
As a result the tracking is not acurate and I miss crucial information.

Would it be possible to add a script to a button in an email to generate the tracking url or tracking-pixel.
Maybe it could be a mouseover?

This way the url is generated after passing the sophisticated blocking systems.
Maybe the tracking url could already be played in the script that triggers the mouseover or mouseclick?
Something in HTML maybe like:
On mouse over show pixel 1x1 source mautic.mydomain/?parameters

For this while sending out a campaign the receiver-specific tracking URL has to be added to that script. How could this be done?

Hi, you can do this by running javascript. The only problem is: you cannot run javascript in a stranger’s mailbox due to security reasons. At the same time we should be greatful for that, otherwise our mailboxes would be full with emails generating popups and malware.