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Amazon SES config

I will send you a private login.

I will send you a private login.

okey no problem

The email send perfectly from within the configuration menu. So configuration isn’t the issue. It is something with the very latest version when trying to send an email to a contact. Perhaps the database didn’t update correctly? I am going to SSH back into the server and see if there are any pending database updates before I go any further.

your mautic URL?

send me private login one man

waiting for login details
Username bizcrony your bizcrony gmail is listed
PW UFC2017@

You can send a test mail just fine. But there is a bug in the new version sending to a contact. It uses the to address as the sender. Wrong.

I backed up the config files just now. In the past making changes to email config bombed the config. But there is nothing to change in config since it worked last week on the previous version. I will check what they changed in the last version but I think this is a bug that will need to be reported.

@jimhill10 okey let me check give me some time

Thanks so much for your excellent help.

The issue was that my SES got put back into Sandbox mode.