Any way to do tag-protected pages (or similar)

I’m thinking of testing my fresh install with a 5-step email drip campaign that includes multiple videos on some emails. We’d prefer not to send the leads outside to YouTube or Vimeo (just in case they share the link and other people miss the journey, or leave and forget to read the rest of the email) so we’re thinking of setting up a page on our Wordpress site.

Is there a simple way to protect this page based on the contact’s stage in the campaign? I don’t want to mess with logins, but a simple check that populates the content only if they have the right tag would be great (otherwise redirect to the signup page). I had a look at “Dynamic Content” but not sure if this is appropriate since it’d be a whole page of content.

I’m not afraid to code PHP/JS if required to hook into the API etc, just need some pointers on the best way.

Any other advice is fine too if this approach is all wrong-headed. Our initial plan was to setup the course and drip it via Teachable but then we lose a lot of control over release timing and engagement metrics.