Anyone tried installing Mautic on a Raspberry Pi yet?

Title says it all really

anyone tried and succeeded (or failed)? Any gotchas?

Title says it all really

anyone tried and succeeded (or failed)? Any gotchas?

Its just a php application, with some rather standard php module requirements. With Apache, PHP, MySQL on a PI, it would run it.

My question for you though, why would you? A PI can only handle a tiny amount of web traffic at any one time, meaning if your website is busy at all, the PI will never keep up…

The purpose would be to have a cheap hardware solution for Mautic without having to set up a VPS, I mean, Wordpress is on these platforms where it can what sustain 200 users at a given time? With the Mautic email queuing throttled, I could think of a number of specific applications that it would be perfect for. Anyway, I can put it on my list of things to do.

Having a raspberry pi for other than test server looks like good idea. But not as a live server. Do you have fix ip for that RPi? Do you have all ports open by your internet provider?

A $15 / month VPS would outperform an RPi4 any time in my opinion. If such a VPS is too small, you’d have to have a large amount of contacts, than you’ll be able to pay for a better VPS.

On the other hand: what a cool project.


If one really wanted to, they could set up a load balanced cluster of Docker Swarm nodes on a handful of Raspberry Pis, with multiple replicas of the Mautic container mounting a Docker volume using the GlusterFS storage driver.

You would also ideally have a software load balancer in front of the Swarm (e.g. HAProxy) balancing traffic round-robin or least connections. The MySQL database would also have to handled by a couple of Pi’s in the Swarm with multi-master replication or a Galera cluster.

It would be a cool proof of concept showing how a single instance of Mautic could scale horizontally across low-powered hardware. Perhaps something really neat to demo at a conference booth, or at a lightning talk.

I feel horrible, that this project took so long, but finally you all can be sure the void is filled. :slight_smile:

I installed Mautic 3.1 on a Raspberry PI 2, and I have to say it went pretty okay.
In order to stay in control of my domain, but not to pay extra, I used cloudflare API to keep the domain updated with the dynamic DNS my home internet has, so the Rpi would be always accessible.
It is tracking a website with 400 daily users, so far without any issues, loading reasonably fast.
I also added Amazon SES as an email sending method, as email sending is not allowed on my IP. And it isn’t the proper way anyway to send emails, so I made sure it’s hooked up properly.
Bounce handling is also managed by the little Pi, as the subdomain has high availability.

I also benchmarked different actions, like segment update, campaign update and triggers, email sending. I don’t want to bore you to death, the detailed findings and a detailed command-by-command installation and a bunch of screenshots.

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