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Mautic crashes server whenever cron jobs run

Mautic seems to crash my server whenever my cron jobs are activated despite having just a few subscribers in my email list and barely anything else in the database (as I’ve just set everything up and with Amazon SES which all work correctly so far). I’m quite confident it’s the Cron Jobs breaking it because it happens shortly after activating my Cron Jobs, and no longer happens after disabling my Cron Jobs (except obviously now mautic cannot send emails via automations etc) - and when I say break, I mean everything becomes so laggy that you can barely reload any pages and the terminal virtually freezes when ssh’d onto it via the CLI.

I’ll now reluctantly say that I’m using a raspberry pi 3B as my server (running on Ubuntu Server headless OS), which has performance specs below that of the recommended hardware requirements from this article:

Is this really my hardware being inadequate? The reason I’m unsure is because of the tiny amount of contacts in the database. The pi 3B has only 1GB of ram admittedly.

Also, other than renting a VPS, what hardware is best suited to run mautic? The article I linked to recommend this:

Minimum recommended: 2 CPU – 4GB RAM
About 2GB to 4GB of RAM per CPU core

Would a raspberry pi 4B suffice? It has a 1.5GHz Quad-core CPU & 8GB of ram, so it would appear to be ok unless I’m missing something. Otherwise, can anyone recommend any other suitable hardware?

Mautic seems awesome and I’d love to be able to run it.


My Mautic version is: I think it’s 3
My PHP version is: 7.4.24
My Database type and version is: 10.3.31-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.20.04.1

Hi, I did some testing a year ago on a Rpi3 with 10k contacts.
Plz note, that rPi is using mobile cpus, not comparable to the ones in servers.

I also did some benchmarks:

I think your efforts are similar to delivering supplies to the space station with birthday balloon.


@joeyk that’s a very interesting article - thanks for sharing that! That is basically what I’ve done to set up Mautic and Amazon SES on my 1GB pi3B. Not surprised your benchmarks looked slow, although that was for 10k contacts and on a pi2 rather than my test of 1 contact on a pi3B.

As your article says, the new pi4 may be 8-12 times more powerful, so wouldn’t a pi4 with 8GB of RAM suffice for a small email list? I guess I could buy a pi4 now and when the list grows and becomes too much for the pi, I could buy something like more decent server hardware and just clone the SD card image to a USB stick or something and put it in the new hardware and turn it on (which would presumably clone the pi that runs ubuntu server and make it runnable on the new hardware?)