Are Campaign Scheduled Times Working As Expected for you? Mine are not :-( Help

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.0.2
My PHP version is: 7.4

We have a campaign setup that is meant to send SMS at a very specific time in the day. at 11am, however when we start to analyze our data we are seeing that this condition is not holding true.

My campaign looks like this:

The one that triggered an alert for us was sending the SMS MNC-S2 which is scheduled to go out 2 days later at 11:00.

Inside our BI we have created a dashboard to monitor campaigns and sending times and this is how we were alreted:

This is a list of SMS sends per hour according to campaign and channel creative.
So by looking at this immediately I see that MNC-S2 is being sent out at all different times of the day + night and not at the allocated time of 11am.

If I look at the contact card I can see the time as well

And it is no surprise the user unsubscribed as they received an SMS so late at night.

Am I doing something wrong in the setting up of the Action or is this a potential bad bug ?

Date and time based stuff in Mautic has always been problematic. I have given up after trying all kinds of works arounds. I can’t offer a solution, only share your frustration.

Same here. No way to have them PROPERLY work.
Sometimes, when there are just 2-3 test contacts in the campaign, everything works PERFECTLY.
But when more contacts join, it’s random.

We had Black Friday deals emails being sent 3 days later…

I think this is a major problem in the platform itself, and I am pretty sure that either I am configuring this the wrong way or this a a bug that should be addressed seriously and maybe have a bounty on it.

How can any serious company be prepared to send out SMS at unknown times or emails or push for that matter of fact. It has the functionality there, maybe no one up till now has really investigated this and jumped into an analysis.

@rcheesley - what do you think of this ? Is it something that I should open an issue on GitHub on and if so where should I put it ?

I can tell you that our server is properly configured. What seems to be is that there are issues with:

  • cronjob scheduling - this is a super important topic that so far no one (that I found at least) explained completely, a serious guide on how often to configure the cronjobs would be needed
  • cronjobs execution, in particular if you have a dual core CPU (each cron takes 1 whole core for the entire execution of the job)
  • amount of emails that your SMTP can send each second
  • amount of email that you ask Mautic to send for each interaction (cronjob execution)

Stupid question, anyway:
What is the timezone set inside Mautic?
What is the server’s timezone?

This can help at least understand if these settings affect somehow the actions.

My timezone and server are all the same as well as the user timezone that is configuring the campaigns.

When I look at the sql campaign_events table this is what I see, interesting to get an understanding around the trigger mode and what is the difference:

As you can see above the MNC-S2 is set to trigger on an interval at 11:00:00

The Within 2 days event on a negative path of the Open Mail Decision - my understanding this will only be triggered if the person has not opened a mail for 2 days, it will then go down the negative path, to the SMS:MNC-S2 action, check the criteria for this action which is to only send at 11am, but now I am wondering what if the scenario is as follows: the contact was sent an email at 1pm, two days passed they have still not opened the email, it is now + 2days 1pm, so it goes down the negative path, it looks at the criteria and sees to send at 11am, however this time has passed, so could it be that it send automatically if the time on that specific day as passed ?

Community - is it only me that feels like this is a very important topic and should get a bit more attention ?