Auto responder if an email already exists


I need an auto responder if an email already exists. can i setup something like this?

I would like to send a download link to existing emails if they enter your valid email address in a form.

Many thanks, Kai

I think there are a number of different ways this can be done, one that I could think of is to have your form with email field publicly updatable, then add this form to a campaign, in the first action of the campaign add in a condition based on ‘contact field’, then use (I think) ‘date created’ or ‘date added’ (not sure which one) is less than ‘today’ and then send an email on the green path

Hi, thanks much. I´ll try that.

Many greetings, Kai

Unfortunately that doesn’t work for me. I must somehow already have the query in the form. If an existing email is entered, a message must appear in the form that an email with download link was sent and if a non-existent email is entered, an error message must appear that the email address is not known. Do you maybe have another idea?

Yes you can use Dynamic Content for this.

So you would need to have the form prepoulated with the users email with some url like https://yourdomain/?email={contactfield=email}, make sure you have email as publicly updatable.

Create your dynamic content slot with a filter that email is not empty, put that slot on the page and you should see the message.

You could then have another dynamic content block for email is empty/unknown.

let me know if this makes sense to you