Dynamic Content Conditions Not Working

I am trying to figure out Dynamic Content. I seem to be having an issue, which might be my own fault.

I want to show a piece of dynamic content only if the user doesn’t have an email address.

My decision tree, pictured below, is Segment > Request Dynamic Content:Default is just some Hello World Text > Condition:Email is empty > Action:Push Focus Item to collect email.

The problem: a test contact has a valid email address, but still gets served the “Collect Email Focus Item”.

I’m assuming that I am doing something wrong, but I don’t know what…

Should work, hard to tell the issue w/o the details.

However, the straight-forward way that I’d recommend would be

  • Have a segment “anonymous contacts”, filled by filter “email IS empty”
  • Start campaign from that segment
  • Push focus item

-> Applicable for your case?