Automations in Mautic

Need to create automations with automatic triggers. How this can be done?

Have you tried using the campaign builder yet? Its pretty self explanatory.

Add contacts to a campaign (automation) by selecting a segment of contacts. Then choose from the menu options of conditions, actions or triggers to achieve the result you would like.

I would like to have a meeting with a expert I need to create an automation for my work project. I would better explain their what actually I need. I am really confused while creating automations and when I have created they are not sending out actually.

If a meeting with an expert is a paid gig, maybe ask in commercial. Else, without requirements it is difficult to understand you needs.

But regarding Mails not being sent, did you make sure the cron jobs are set correctly?

I am working on a project and took mautic for creating onboarding steps for those whoever downloaded our application from Shopify. The thing is this that I am creating onboarding flows but the welcome email is not going out to our users which is the first step of the automation leaving out the further emails I need to send out the first email.

Exactly what we could have discussed if you would have showed up for the free call we arranged.

Could you please send me the link again for scheduling the meet

You can see the error in this

The link is in your inbox here in the Mautic Forum profile.
I’m glad to help any new person with the problems for free. Sometimes it just takes a 10 min call to get you started, solve your small problems. I’m glad to help.
If you need more time then just 1 call, you’ll have to compensate my time. I sent you the pricing for the second call.

Yes, I can see the error.
Easy fix.

Please if possible help me out here how to resolve this issue

Yes, I PMd you before.
You will need to:
check why that message is failing - click on the icon next to the “Welcome Email” event
besides that:

  1. check cronjob setup
  2. check if emails have the right sender
  3. check what senders are allowed to use senthing method
  4. check frequency settings

I have scheduled a meet with you for an hour tomorrow I checked that is free of cost right?

I actually cleared my schedule for the meeting last week to help you out.
You didn’t show, I can’t chase you to solve your problem in a call for free. My time is my income.

If you want it to be solved for free, please post your progress here. I’m sure it will be solved in couple of hours. If you want paid support either post in commercial category or keep posting your progress as forum members guiding you through.

What actually really confuses me, that your email domain is one of the Mautic providers with many great contributions. Why are you asking questions at the forums why not your colleagues?

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Hi I need to know about one thing my developer team has setted up the automations and are linked with mautic as well but there is one issue coming out that the email is sent out to those whose email id is of cedcommerce this is our company email id and not to the gmail or yahoo or any other email id. How to sort out this issue, let me know

In which system which setting