Border error in columns?

My Mautic version is: 4.4.10
My PHP version is: 8.0.30
My Database type and version is: Maria DB 10.6

If i want to set a border to a column, i have additionally a border around a text.
Is that a bug?

Border around a section works.

Mautic Border Bug

Hi @stefan-franz,

The GrapeJS builder sometimes doesn’t display what the final result will actually look like. Always take that into consideration.

For example, the builder adds some spaces in the columns that don’t actually exist in the final email. It does this to make it easier for you to click and edit the layout the way you prefer.

If you suspect it’s a bug, save your work and go to the email preview to see if it reflects the final result accurately. Never send an email without previewing it and sending a test to your email and different email providers to ensure it works as expected.

Best Regards,


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